Meet Our Design Team at Paper Color

Gorgeous, tough and passionate are three best adjectives to describe Paper Color’s design team. To create an art, specifically a 3D pop-up card, it not only requires practical experience but also a creative thinking person. To know more about our talented designers, I would share what it is like a normal day of a popup card’s designer.

A typical working day begins at 8:00, designers are just right to show up and check their fingerprint attendance as fast as possible. Quickly make a cup of coffee, put on earphones and the work starts without any hesitations.

Thinking of a designer, I would imagine the one who possesses tattoos, piercings, stylish clothes and poker faces. However, that is so wrong with the design team at Paper Color. They are hard-working, talented and sociable girls. It could be seen clearly via the daily meeting to brainstorm design ideas that the girls just transform into different people and become tough and very decisive.


The team is divided into 2 small groups including 3D popup card designers and testers. The main task of a designer is to deal with 3D illustration. After that, tester will take over the job by carefully detecting and modifying any mistakes possible. The fact that we have 8 categories in total. As such, each designer will be in charge of a specific theme about which they are strongly passionate.  That is the main reason why they always generate desirable results to satisfy our valued customers.

For every product which is completed from brainstorming ideas and forming a sample, it could possibly take up to 4 hours depending on the sophisticated features in required design. However, designers and testers always put their passion in each popup card made. We could remember all of the flashbacks when they design and bring their work into reality, they must be very proud of their given talents by not making themselves happy, but somehow bring happiness to all people received their product as a gift.

We highly appreciate our young and talented designers. They play a crucial part in this big family. We will surely share more of their stories to inspire more younger designers. If you love design, have passion for handmade pop up cards, then you are welcome to experience a day of working like a designer in Paper Color.

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