What Defines a Happy Employee at Paper Color?

“Employees are a company’s greatest asset – they are your competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best; provide them with encouragement, stimulus, and make them feel that they are integral part of the company’s mission

Considered to be a newbie working at Paper Color, I was totally impressed with the work environment by its tranquility, but not because of being a boring workplace. We, employees of Paper Color, are strongly focused at work and we do this job by all of our passion along with 100 percent of our professional manner.

Despite the fact that the company has been only existed for the last 3 years, with 2 founders including Ms. Ngan Le and Mr. Ken Nguyen at first, now it is still moving on and elevate to the next level of over 50 young and dynamic employees. In fact, Ms. Ngan Le is our General Manager and she is in charge of managing all the departments including design, accounting, sales, production and marketing aspect. As a staff member, I am happy to be a part of the company as well as to be led by a demanding and goal oriented leader.

A good environment for working will accompany with great co- workers. In contrast to facing tough and stubborn colleagues, Paper Color’s co- worker remain to be friendly and supportive all the time. When I first come here, I was welcomed by all of the employees as a part of the company’s culture. My colleagues are very supportive in terms of helping me out the product categories and the process to make a complete handmade pop up card before the act of delivery.


Speaking of office culture, we are trained to take everything professionally and to get things done on time. Every single work will be based on its own timeliness which set clearly by the leader and to confirm by each person. Due to the fact that all the departments are closely connected. As such, we collaborate very well with one another so as to avoid any serious mistakes.

As work at Paper Color, I am always ready to participate in “Free to Talk Work Environment”. At workplace, meeting is organized weekly and normally takes place at the end of each week. The purpose is to sum up what we have achieved for the whole week as well as planning for the next week. Specifically, at the meeting, we are encouraged to freely speak up our own ideas. Even if some of our ideas are impractical, but at least, we are proud to contribute and to live with the job in which we put a lot of passion and energy.

Along with the development of a company, there cannot be a lack of the contribution of outstanding employees. We often receive surprising gifts for our contribution towards the job. It could be a random custom design pop up card for a specific individual in combination with a beautiful handwriting from our leader to leverage our spirit. Otherwise, we could get promotion for the higher position in Paper Color.

Apart from work, we regularly go to parties after getting work done and it could be said as a part of our culture. We all open up and share with each other our stories and our family. To be honest, it is hard to create bonding at work. However, you totally can with the help of Paper Color.

If you have time to come to Vietnam, please visit our workplace in order to feel the energy as well as the enthusiasm spreading all over our office. Additionally, we will surely guide you to make a pop up card if you are interested in creating artworks.

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