Memories from hand-written letters

In the memory of the 8x generation and 9x generation, the feeling attached to the letter is unforgettable. The letters are not letters sent by email or text messages but are written by hand.

At that time, sending letters, postcards, giving cards to each other was a very familiar thing to anyone, anywhere to see, from children to adults, from middle-class families to upstream families. The cost of telephone was very expensive and the internet was not popular so there are no social networks such as Facebook, Instagram,… like the present, so that manual mail became the most common way of communication. These handwritten letters are kept inside a thin envelope and are stamped with small stamps that mark the youthful memory of so many people which is associated with a sense of excitement and nervousness when receiving news from somewhere far away.

For the pupil generation, the letters with beautiful words, filled with sentiment have long been memorable. Over time, the letters may be blurred, the paper is old as well, but the feelings contained in it remain intact. These could be small piece of “friendship” paper sent back and forth under the desk every day, or through the “distant friends” category in teen newspapers and even goodbye letters.


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In the past, when our parents loved each other, the only love gifts were hand-written letters that were scribbled and folded up and hidden inside a book, sometimes accompanied by a little velvet rose. On a good day, if you ask your parents about their love story in the past, we are sure that the love letters will be mentioned many times and they are carefully stored as priceless treasures inside an oak box.

Return to the present, when was the last time you wrote a letter or gave a card for someone? Hopefully after this sharing, sometimes you will take time to write to your loved one a letter. As the handwriting, mind and emotions put down the paper will form a stream of energy that blows the soul into the letter. After all, a love sent to each other is to get the soul, not to receive information, do you think so?

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