How to encourage the patients with a pop up card?

There are many things in life that no matter how powerful you are, it is difficult for you to control them and illness is one of them. Illness is the greatest fear of all, we are afraid of it not because one day it will come to us but above all, the more afraid our loved ones encounter it. There is no greater helplessness when we see our loved ones suffering from torments.

If you have ever learned how to care for a sick person, you will know that most patients have negative psychological aspects of life such as feeling hopeless and pessimistic or wanting to give up. As a result, their bodies are getting weaker and weaker allowing bad cells to grow faster. Maybe you are not a doctor or you have not experienced that sickness before, so you do not know how the person should be treated. But compared to prescriptions and prolonged healing sessions, what the patients need most is your sincere encouragement and tight hugs so they have the willpower to overcome their sickness.

Sunflower pop up card – a gift of hope and optimism.

However, sometimes we can hesitate to contact or chat directly with the patients even though we love them so much. Why? As we choke, we do not know what to say when we are so shocked by the illness of our beloved ones, we are afraid that words will inevitably evoke pain and confusion in them. But are we just silent? Of course, no, so when you can not speak, write it! With all your love, send your lines of encouragement to the patients into a hand-written card and send it to them. No need for a fancy card but be a bright card of hope and optimism. It will be the warm sunshine that dispels the cold air of the sick room, a gift that encourages the spirit of the patients so they bravely face the surgeries, the days of painful treatment and even the overcoming the “door of death”.

When the patients has a weak body, don’t forget to help them to have a healthy soul!

Paper Color

.:: Let us say your feelings ::.

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