What is a great gift for someone who is leaving?

Being away from home or country is something that nobody wants but life is a long journey and we have to choose our own paths. So there will be people going from one area to another to make a living and someone will choose to go to a city outside their beloved country to pursue their dreams. But regardless of the geographical distance, the family or the country is still a precious “wonder” that far away people always remember. So what gift will you give your relatives, friends or loved ones to remind them of the beautiful memories and soothe their homesickness when they have to go far?

People are always eager before their journeys because they want to quickly leave their home to be free in the new places. But day after day, they will start to miss their home our their country in a great way. And what they remember most is the priceless love of their family. So, for them, there will be no more precious gift than a gift made of your own hands and sencere love, that is a 3D handwritten card. Each letter and stroke of your pen is permeable to the heart and sincere sentiment that you send to the far away. The card will follow the person who travels to the strange land, lighting up the dear and warm family affection, warming their souls during the lonely nights.

Sunflower pop up card – a meaningful farewell gift for someone who is leaving.

It does not have a huge material value, but there are rare gifts that are comparable to handwritten cards in terms of spiritual value. More than a regular souvenir, a hand-written card is a good luck or wishfullness that every person who goes away wants to bring along their belongings.

Paper Color

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