It’s time to start your marketing campaign with 3D pop up cards

As you all know, every perfect image, effect and technique in every blockbuster, every bizarre creature and power in the game you are playing is even bigger, more vivid and more realistic when you view with the 3-dimensional version.

So, do you ever think about applying this exciting 3D technology to your marketing campaigns to get closer to your customers or partners? That does not mean that you will have to invest in expensive equipment, but what you need is a 3D pop up card.

So let Paper Color illustrate some cases of application of 3D cards in Marketing through the following images.

The image below is a 3d seafood pizza simulating lively the cake and the ingredients that will help the customers visualize product and have the curious feeling to taste.

The eye-catching and beautiful print ads in the launch of new products are a popular form of marketing, though, they are unlikely to make customers imagine clearly about your product or service. Even after you give them to your customers, they will be likely to throw it in a trash can! Unfortunately! Instead, you can use cute little 3D cards with floating blocks inside to stimulate your product or service.

An extremely elegant 3D wine bottles are sent to the customer as an impressive souvenir, though the ultimate purpose is to advertise the product.

As a result, for consumers, it is not just a form of boring advertising but an interesting and unique gift, which makes them want to keep it for a long time.

A 3D houses help real estate companies accurately describe the exterior design and perspective around the house, making it easier for consumers to visualize the house.

This is a clever way of consulting real estate, helping customers easier to visualize the layout and design of the house, and to help them more easily receive information than other annoying forms of customer care such as email, call, text.

The two characters, Bear and Dulcimer in 3D shape, appeared in an invitation to attend the launch of Taricki Karein from ICICI PRUDENTIAL.

This is a 3D card simulating an image of the reputed Tokyo university. That is so artistic and creative.

And here, the 3D repair toolbox that fully describes the number of items inside is used for the marketing campaign of the SCORPION brand.

Finally, let us know what your idea is? And we will create 3D pop up cards as you like!

Are you an individual, business, or non-profit organization wishing to own 3D pop up card products that are impressive and unique? Maybe you will need our service of custom design 3D pop up cards.

Just imagine and share with us about the 3D pop up card you want and our talented design team will help you outline ideas, build 3D sculpture and advise you on selecting the best color palette.

Paper Color

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