Why should you import 3D Christmas cards for business from today?

Christmas season is the time when most people spend their leisure time on relaxing together with their family or friends after a long period of hard work or study. But while everyone takes advantage of Christmas to rest, for you – a business minded person, this will be the opportunity to make money effectively.

Although we are living in a digital age that Christmas greetings are sent in a snap with some great and eye-catching designs, hand-written cards are still very popular with the spiritual values they bring to the donor. Therefore, the 3D Christmas card consumption has never been reduced and this year too. So do you know when is the appropriate time to import 3D Christmas cards for business? Is October, November or December? Oh, no, it’s too late. Actually, the best time to import is now! Why?

Enough time to prepare for marketing campaign

Always, before planning a marketing campaign, the first thing you need is the product. Depending on the specific product, you will come up with very impressive and unique marketing ideas. That is some common cases which may include:

  • Price setting: When you know the cost of the product, you will calculate the selling price or promotion price.
  • Merchandise display: When there are models, it is easier for you to think of ideas for displaying products or taking pictures of products to display them in the store or on the website and social networks.

Bear and Penguin pop up card

And remember that if you want to have a successful marketing campaign, your advertising strategies must come with the ability to meet the demand for the product. If you advertise a product with no sales, then it is just “throw money out the window”.

Squirrel pop up card

Enough time to place custom design orders:

If this time you have already referred to the new designs then you will surely have ideas on color or details correction of the product. So, this is the perfect time for you to place custom design 3D card orders.

Pinecone pop up card

If you place custom design 3D cards in countries that is famous for OEM handmade products, such as Vietnam, from today which will give you enough time to:

  • Revise the design of products in terms of colors or 3D shapes inside to reach the perfect level.
  • Have enough products to sell. You may know, as Christmas comes around, outsourcing companies will limit their receipt of orders because their production schedule is dense. Therefore, ordering from this point of time will help your inventory not shortage of products.

Christmas Wreath pop up card

And finally, once you know this is the right time for you to import 3D cards to avoid dealing with out-of-stock issues, but on the other, you don’t want to overestimate demand and get stuck with too much. It’s important to look at your sales data and figure out which items you should stock up on – take a look at your sales from last Christmas and use that data to forecast demand.

Wish you a successful business on this Christmas season!

Paper Color

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