The story begins in 2014 with Ngan Le and Ken Nguyen, who have a chance to meet  in the charity activity at the church. They share the same interest of paper cutting and a desire of bringing Vietnam handcraft products to many countries in the world.

After many spiral events of ups and downs, Ngan and Ken created Paper Color Co., Ltd to make an impact on pop up card industry. Pop up card is not only a card, it’s a message, a gift, a love and a surprise. At the beginning of the year, Paper Color Co., Ltd has been established which aims to set the foundation in pop up card’s design in Vietnam industry.

Pop up card is a brand new industry in Vietnam. With 4 year experience in OEM, Paper Color has progressing firmly and steadily. At the beginning, Paper Color was developed with only 2 founders, but later has seen an increase of more than 50 employees in 2017. The emergence of Paper Color in Vietnam pop up card is to help the recipient express all feelings. It’s like paper meets science. People can use pop up cards to promote the country’s image and culture to many people, like people want to bring Vietnam Paper Handcraft products to the world. Paper Color is also confident of its high quality and various designs or custom design cards which are produced 8-10 cards per month. Furthermore, the well trained and friendly staffs at Paper Color will bring you satisfaction when receiving the cards. We are proud of our Design Team to create and design many custom design based on customer’s requirement in a limited time. We keep our customer updated to catch tendency of market. From 22,000 to 25,000 pieces per month, we will keep expanding our capacity in the future.

What’s the reason to begin

Paper Color would like to become a third party between buyers & sellers to help people to create special Pop up cards that can be expressed all feelings & messages that they want to give to receivers.

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